GSP/e-SOTER workshop at FAO

Submitted by ISRadmin on Thu, 07/18/2013 - 13:43

SOTER accepted as the defacto standard for soil polygon maps during Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) workshop

The objective of the workshop was to review the state of the art of tools and techniques for mapping soils at global and regional scales as an input for defining future activities under the implementation of the Global Soil Partnership and how the e-SOTER project results could contribute to this goal.

The workshop at FAO-HQ in Rome was attended by over 75 scientists from 30 countries and international organizations from all over the world.

The e-SOTER project presented its research findings on the second day of the workshop through a suite of 13 presentations (see links below) by the project partners. The research findings were well received and generated interesting plenary discussions.


The e-SOTER methodology was endorsed by the European Soil Bureau Network as the methodology to apply in Europe for furthers soil mapping at scale 1:250 000. SOTER was also considered as the defacto standard for soil polygon maps that can contribute to the completion of the global soil data task of the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS).


PDF icon 1_Overview e-SOTER.pdf

PDF icon 2_Development of a terrain and parent material platform at scale 1 to 1 million.pdf

PDF icon 3_Development of the soil component.pdf

PDF icon 4_Enhancing the terrain component.pdf

PDF icon 5_A new system of terrain classification.pdf

PDF icon 6_A new classification of soil parent material.pdf

PDF icon 7_Integration of terrain, parent material and soil information at scale 1to250,000.pdf

PDF icon 8_Enhanced SOTER database for UK study area.pdf

PDF icon 9_Application of e-SOTER approach in Morocco.pdf

PDF icon 10_Validation and uncertainty analysis of e-SOTER products.pdf

PDF icon 11_Applications of e-SOTER related to major soil threats.pdf

PDF icon 12_e-SOTER web services.pdf

PDF icon 13_Standards and services for Soil and Terrain Data Exchange SoTerML.pdf