Welcome to the e-SOTER project website

Submitted by ISRadmin on Thu, 07/18/2013 - 11:24

This website is the official portal of the e-SOTER project that started on September 1st 2008 and lasted until February 2012. The project has been a collaborative research  project of 14 partners in Europe, China and Morocco, with European Union funding through the FP7 mechanism. Collaboration between the partners is still ongoing. 

The website contains results, information, presentations, the initial project plan and much more. We hope you will visit again in the near future for more information and project updates.

ISRIC World Soil Information maintains the website and the portal after the official end of the project as its collaborative tools to disseminate the results and algorithms from the project and foster further collaboration in the production of SOTER database in the world with their collaborators.

About e-SOTER project

Regional pilot platform as EU contribution to a Global Soil Observing System

Soil and terrain information is needed for many interpretations for example in the field of agriculture, environment, watershed management, infrastructure, etc. but available data are often inaccessible, incomplete, or out of date. The Group on Earth Observations - GEO plans a Global Earth Observing System and, within this framework, the e-SOTER project addresses the felt need for a global soil and terrain database. As the European contribution to a Global Soil Observing System, it delivered a web-based regional pilot platformwith data, methodologies, and applications, using remote sensing to validate, augment and extend existing data.