Work packages

The e-SOTER project consists of a sequence of activities grouped around the five component that make up a SOTER system: Data collection, Transformation, Data management, Applications and Delivery. Project activities have been structured into 8 Work Packages (WPs), including project management.

In Work Packages 1 and 2 we will investigate ways to delineate and characterize soil and terrain units at a 1:1 million scale. In WP3 we will research new approaches to obtain SOTER databases at scale 1:250 000. In WP4 we will validate the results of WPs 1, 2 and 3. In WP% we will demonstrate the improvement of the e-SOTER database compared with existing databases by running various interpretations relevant to the EU Soil Thematic Strategy. Dissemination of e-SOTER is achieved through a web service developed in WP6 and, in WP7, through stakeholder conferences. WP 8 deals with overall project management. Detailed descriptions of the Work Packages can be found through the links below:

WP 1: development of a landform and parent material platform methodology
WP 2: development of a methodology to integrate soil data from legacy and remote sensing sources
WP 3: improvement of the SOTER spatial and attribute data
WP 4: accuracy assessment of terrain and soil platforms
WP 5: applications
WP 6: development of an e-SOTER dissemination platform
WP 7: stakeholder conferences
WP 8: project management