WP7 Stakeholder conferences

WP leader: ISRIC, Vincent van Engelen

We will present the results during two conferences:

  1. at the conclusion of WP1, 2 and 3, and
  2. at the end of the project.

The conferences will enable dialogue between project team members and user groups from:

•    data management (Task DA-06-01: GEOSS Data Sharing Principles)

•    interoperability

•    capacity building (Task CB-07-01d: Building National and Regional Capacity)

•    agriculture (Task AG-07-03: Operational Agricultural Monitoring System)

  • Global soil platforms (existing and emerging):

•    GlobalSoilMap initiative (CIESIN, Earth Institute Columbia University, NRCS-USDA, CSIRO, CGIAR, JRC, ISRIC)

•    FAO


  • Soil and natural resources institutes of EU member countries, Mediterranean and Near East countries not represented in the e-SOTER Consortium.

The presented e-SOTER results and planned products will be assessed by the conference participants. Suggested modifications will be considered for implementation in the application and dissemination WPs.